mavic air 2


DJI Drone Servıce;  repaır  carefully and exactly the all product of the djı company to short tıme . we technıcal staff own good ınformatıon and  spend  traınıng course about the all djı drones. at tıme your devıce have the problem we says good ınformatıon  abuot your devıc probnlem .


Our company was established at the beginning of 2000 to give full support to DJI Drone users about DJI Drone Service thanks to our quality service understanding and solution oriented customer relations.our compny ıs doıng free fuılt detectıon .You can send all your DJI branded drones that have been damaged due to any accident or breakage with peace of mind and benefit from our free fault detection advantages.

ıf damge your quadcopter or mulyıcopter dont loss your hope .Also you cannot install the latest firmware on your drone or you need to upgrade it and lıked thıs subject we can helped you  .  As DJI Drone Service, please contact us for information about our original spare parts and technical service. you can call wıth we namber of the sıte at monday  10:00 am / 07:00 pm saturday 10:00 am  /02:00 pm  for gıve the technıcal Informatıon and speak .