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Thermal Drone

drone producer DJI, annunced dji zenmuse XT the now own the new thermal system and lenz.The DJI Zenmuse XT camera will now be able to capture aerial images and offer thermal vision to its users  .Although military technologies may be the first field of use, the Zenmuse XT will have many uses .For example, in order to detect people trapped in the building in case of fire, it is very useful in using thermal vision. The drone will fly around the building where the fire is going and see who is trapped on which floors and organize firefighters rescue teams.

As you know, DJI announced the Zenmuse camera series for the Inspire 1 series in September . While the first models were special, especially for photography,Zenmuse XT manufactures a thermal imaging camera.Fire fighting thanks to thermal drone , the range of areas such as search and rescue work will be used in the field of energy for the control of solar panels in agriculture. Zenmuse XT cameras can be mounted on DJI’s Inspire 1 Matrice 100 .nspire 1  fly tıme up to 22 minutes and Matrice 100 fly tıme up to 35 minutes.

As Drone World, we produce thermal drones that meet the standards that you will determine the carrier according to the useful load and flight time.

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